Limni Beach

At the foot of a pine forest, Limni Beach is a beautiful, rustic South Rhodes beach that seems to have been relatively unscathed by the overdevelopment of its neighboring areas.

Location: On the island’s south west coast, just past Kattavia village and a short drive from Prasonissi.

Who goes there: Couples, no locals, and a fair share of holidaymakers from nearby hotel resorts and rented villas.

When to go: Limni beach get pretty busy from about lunchtime onwards in the peak months of July and August, but for the rest of the season it’s relatively un-crowded and peaceful at all hours. loves: Watching the sunset from the vantage point of Skiadi Chapel.

How to get there:

From Kiotari, head down south direction Prasonissi. Keep driving to reach the other side of the island. It is only a 5 minute drive to Limni Beach.

From Kiotari: 30-minute drive. From Rhodes City: 1.5 hour drive.



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