Hilioravdi Beach

The beach we are tempted to call the original Kiotari beach.

Location: Just below the century old Kiotari Chappel and old locations center. A rock formation to the left with a small hut on top gave the name to this beach.

Who goes there:   Mainly locals from Asklipio village, especially Sundays. Visitors from nearby rented appartments and private villas. The beautiful beach is also visited from people all over the island. Plenty of insfrastructure, beach restaurants and tavernas. 

When to go: Any time.  At Sundays it is getting a bit crowdy.

Kiotari.eu loves:  It feels as the heart of traditional Kiotari beats here,

Pics:  Various

How to get there:

On the southeast coast, at Kiotari

From Rhodes City: 1  hour drive.



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