Agios Pavlos

A wide stretched sandy beach, shallow waters.

Location: Before Kattavia village, when you reach the deserted italian church, turn left.

Who goes there: Insiders only. The beach is very long, you may  walk for an hour until you reach the end.  There is no infrastructure whatsoever there, take plenty of water.

When to go: Any time. loves:  Half walking half swimming in shallow waters and soft sand. Sand full of beautiful seashells.

Pics:  Renata R.

How to get there:

From Kiotari, head down south direction Prasonissi. Before Kattavia village, you will reach a deserted church building to your right. Turn right towards the sea. The road is quite bumpy.

From Kiotari: 30-minute drive. From Rhodes City: 1.5 hour drive.



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