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Aside from the hotels that have sprung up along the coast in recent years, Kiotari is a phantastic beach. It’s a gentle crescent-shaped strip that stretches the length of this purpose-built resort. Made up of sand and shingle and shelving steadily into the sea, it’s a popular place for families. Rows of sunbeds and parasols are the mainstay in the center while at the edges it has kept it’s original character.

South Rhodes stretches from Kiotari to Prasonissi where the island ends. Lonely beaches, wild nature, mountains, small villages, ancient ruins and a great local climate. And Kiotari is the gate to this great part of the island.


Kiotari occupies the site of an ancient settlement that flourished during the Graeco-Roman and Early Christian periods. The whole coastline between Kiotari and Gennadi is, in fact, dotted with remains of ancient buildings, from the Graeco-Roman through the Early Christian period. These include remains of walls of buildings, floors of inlaid marble, courses of masonry of old structures, marble architectural elements, ceramic shards, bricks, and so on. Kiotari was apparently abandoned in the 7th century, when its inhabitants moved inland and resettled on the site of present-day Asklipio, in a pattern typical of most of the coastal settlements in the Eastern Mediterranean in that dark age.

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